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Use of the Frame 3 Studio Brand

Please note the following when using Frame 3 Studio's logo for promotional or identification purposes.

You'll find on this page three different files of the logo for online material, all of them in a PNG format (if you need a larger resolution file or need a vector format please contact us at with a description of where you'll be using the logo). You'll see that the words "Frame 3" of the logo have an empty background, this is to adapt the logo to a solid color background that follows the several approved uses of color combination tested. When on a fully white background, use one of the files labeled below as "Grey Logo" and/or "White BG Logo". For any other solid color background (including black) please use the file labeled "Color BG Logo".

As you can see in the example image placed here, there are several combinations of colors tested with the logo (you can use the logo in any color similar to those in the sample image, experiment trying to keep an eye on good color balance). Please void placing the logo over any kind of red background or bright greens.

Do not use the logos in front of a non-solid color background (this includes gradients). If you want to use the logo over a non-solid color image, please send said image for approval first to the mail

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