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Sibo: A Deep Sea Adventure


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A video game is based on the culture of Costa Rica’s ancient tribes. Taking elements of its unique beliefs, such as the origin of the world, the creation of the seas, the land, the origin of animals and humankind, and addressing various of the concerns and efforts that are performed in Costa Rica to preserve our ecosystems (that represent 3% of all of the global biodiversity) Sibö, as an experience, will grant the lovers of RPG games, those who love adventure, storytelling and fast-paced action, a unique place to join those passions with the efforts being made to save flora and fauna of the seas. The player's actions will impact the world as every NFT sold in-game will help raise the fund for our partner ONG dedicated to preserving the sea fauna. BUY AN NFT, SAVE A SHARK!!

This game is a voxel role-playing game, filled with memorable characters, a tight platforming experience, and a thrilling combat system as you fight, talk and solve puzzles to reach the spirits of the hole sharks of Sibo, in order to release them to cleanse the seas of the mysterious curse that haunts them.

Sibö: A Deep Sea Adventure is exclusive to The Sandbox.


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