COZY DREAMS:  A LIGHTWAVE ADVENTURE is an experimental platformer that plays with perception. Game made for the GGJ 2017. 

"Cozy", the nightmare eating manatee is the guardian of every child's dreams. He will fight every single menace that attempts to disturb your sleep, but that's not an easy task. Use his light wave perception googles to switch between x rays, gamma and ultraviolet waves to see the different menaces that appear in this dream dimension.

ENREDES is a visual novel that shows the risks of online relationships. The game is an outsource project created for the Paniamor Foundation. An educational tool created for young adults by young adults.

Visit Paniamors's E-Mentors platfarom to play the game!

**Game and site are in spanish.

LAS AUSENCIAS SON LAS EVIDENCIAS is an artistic game  based on the concept of Susana Sánchez Carballo, a recognized artist and activist in Costa Rica.

This game is a "metaphoric shooter" that makes a social critic about the violence against women. 

**Game and site are in spanish.

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